What is a good caddie?

When talking about professional golf, we need to take into consideration the caddie, as well. This high-class game is a collaboration between the golfer and their caddie. Every expert in the field recognizes the significance of the caddie to their triumph. Even for casual participants, a reliable caddie can save the day. What is more, they can even make a round of golf a more pleasant experience. The caddie is not only the person who follows you around with your golf supplies. They are your right hand.

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They know the course

For golf beginners, one of the advantages of having a caddie is that they are familiar with the course. This guy can be especially beneficial if this is your first time on a certain course. A caddie knows perfectly the right border for your pushes, the slants on the green grass and radius to the hazards. Surely, this information makes you feel more confident and helps you have a better score in the end.

They are your mental support

Caddies represent the on-course psychologists. They are always there for you when you need them. They boost your self-esteem, they encourage you to think positive; they are your best friends during the competition. Of course, they influence the ego of the golfers as well. It is nice to hear how good a swing looks, how precise the last shot was or even what a pity it was that previous shot slipped away into the water. They just keep optimism alive when things go wrong.

They know your game

A lot of sportsmen go together with the same caddie for a very long time. For example, the top American golfer Phil Mickelson has had the same caddie during his entire professional career. The caddies know precisely how far their player hits each club. They are aware that a standard 9-iron goes 157 meters in normal circumstances, that a choked-up nine-iron goes 149 meters, etc. They also write down or remember which club the player uses on every shot. They also describe in details everything about the shooting. Based on this information, they can have a reference for future holes. Caddies advise players which club to use on each shot. Not surprisingly, the player is the one who makes the final decision.

They are attentive and observant

Professional caddies observe precisely the course before the championship and indicate dozens of various yardages on each hole. For example, they will be familiar with the distance from the front and back of the fairway bunkers, the close and distant side of a dogleg, where the water hazards are, and so on. They also map out the green and indicate where the main slopes are. All the time they estimate the number of yards a ridge expands onto a green. They always have their books with them. The notes are used as an archive if they go back to the same course the next year.